Words of Wellness – May 2014

Why? Why?

By Bera Dordoni, N.D.

GJ Wiley Girl

Wiley Girl just before being picked up off the street.

Dedicated to Wiley Girl

My heart is broken, my throat filled with the bile of fury. I need to share this story with you. Maybe it will help.  I sure hope so.

For two-and-a-half years, local folks brought food and water behind a store in Ramah to a street dog we all called Wiley Girl. When hungry enough, she’d slowly venture toward the food, quickly inhale it, then retreat backward.  After more than a year, she allowed us to pet her for a moment or two before her distrust of humans kicked in and she’d retreat.  Finally – just last week – Wiley Girl allowed Linda to take her into her arms and, even more miraculously, into her home.

She had already borne at least three litters and was possibly pregnant with her fourth, so Linda allowed Wiley Girl to go with a group of other rescue dogs to be spayed and neutered, hoping to spare her a fourth litter of unwanted pups.

Linda only expected Wiley Girl to be spayed and brought home. She had no idea vaccinations were part of the package.  Spaying a female dog is major surgery. Major surgery is an unavoidable assault on the immune system.  Vaccinations are a cocktail of chemicals that the body reacts to like poison.  Wiley Girl’s weakened immune system wasn’t strong enough to fight off those poisons. Within hours, her vital organs shut down one by one until she died in agony.

Why Are Vaccines Mandatory? Or Wait… Are They?

Parents have told me schools and doctors blacklisted (refused admission or services) their kids until they received the “proper vaccinations.”  I’ve also learned those vaccines are more “heavily recommended” than mandated by law (see http://bastisfoundation.org for more info).

As a naturopath who works with both humans and animals, I’m constantly asked whether or not someone should get a vaccine. I cannot make that decision for anyone other than myself and my family, but after what happened to Wiley Girl, I feel compelled to voice my opinion.

Let’s review history.

What is a Vaccine?

In general, vaccinations stimulate immunity against a specified disease by injecting a weakened form of the bacteria or virus into the bloodstream. The concept is simple: make the body think it’s under attack; it will respond by building antibodies to defend against the invading entity, thus creating immunity to later exposure.

The whole idea was discovered in the late 1700s by Edward Jenner, who noticed that milkmaids infected with cowpox were immune to smallpox. He gathered pus from their cowpox lesions, reduced it to an inoculation, and injected it into an eight-year-old.  When that boy later proved to be immune to smallpox, immunization was born.

Some saw this as disgusting; others as a miracle.  No one really saw future consequences.  Over the ensuing centuries, numerous forms of animal and human matter have been used to create vaccines, including minced up spinal cords from deceased patients, plus blood, flies, and feces.  To reduce these substances to inoculations, scientists add thimerosol (mercury), formaldehyde, aluminum hydroxide, and a variety of other chemicals highly toxic to the human body.  Researchers are finding the side effects of absorbing those chemicals include autism, diabetes, asthma, MS and SIDS.

Vaccine Pollution

While live-culture vaccines no longer contain feces, they still comprise tissues from cows, monkeys, pigs, chicken embryos, aborted human fetuses and other live hosts. Those tissues contain foreign material, RNA, DNA, and other dangerous animal viruses and deadly contaminates that cannot be filtered out.

“[It is] apparent these cells contained many unwanted viruses, some of which were lethal to humans,” warns virologist Leonard Hayflick, MD. “Virus interaction can’t be controlled. By their very nature they are mutating organisms.”

Prime example:  the Simian virus 40 (SV40) crossed into the human population from monkeys via the polio vaccination and has since been tied to non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and brain tumors.  Dr. Hana Golding, Chief of CBER’s Laboratory of Retrovirus Research, believes fragmented DNA contaminants in vaccines might actually remain active, combine in vaccines, and create new mutant disease strains!  “The vaccines we give our children are liquids filled with a host of unknown particles, most of which came from the cells of non-humans,” reports investigative journalist Janine Roberts. “Truly we do not know what we are doing or the long-term consequences.”

Confused by Our Choices?

It’s a fascinating conundrum. Our government continually assures us that vaccinations are necessary to keep our children healthy.  But, just in case they’re wrong, Congress passed the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act to prohibit us from suing the vaccine-producing companies should one of our kids get sick or die from a “necessary” inoculation.  And, just in case our kid gets sick or dies, Congress also created the Vaccine Injury Compensation Trust Fund to pay us for any vaccine-related injury or death as of October 1, 1988 (DHHS’ National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program).

Huh?  Exactly. Go ahead, read it again. It still won’t make any sense.

How Many More?

We know that too many teenage girls to list have died after taking HPV (human papilloma virus) vaccinations.  Many more will never bear children.  Gardasil® injections supposedly guard against common sexually transmitted diseases in America.  Of course, so does using safe-sex measures, but somehow people think it’s better to inject poison into their teenage daughters than talk to them about condoms.

I just don’t get it. Which is worse, condoms or menopause at age 16?

Are All Vaccines Dangerous?

I wanted to say ‘absolutely not.’  I was told as a child that vaccines were lifesavers.  I thought 13 different diseases had been wiped out due to worldwide inoculations.  So I went to verify that I was correct when I told you that vaccines had all but eradicated many diseases.  I wanted to reiterate that the polio vaccine wiped out polio, in spite of recurring side effects today in many who received the vaccine some 50 years ago.  But after further research that is backed up by our government and the National Vaccine Information Center, I learned that polio already had become almost non-existent when the vaccine arrived; 35,000 new cases suddenly erupted with the inoculations.  The Bubonic Plague never had a vaccine and was eradicated with no reappearance.  When the whooping cough vaccine came about, 98% of the children who received the vaccine developed whooping cough.

Controversy on this topic is intense.  To protect yourself and your loved ones, educate yourself so you have the best facts available before you decide to have yourself or your family vaccinated.  (Find more information at the links listed below.) Too many of today’s inoculations are less about eradicating deadly epidemics than about making money, or worse, catering to fear.

The Pros Weigh In

After Wiley Girl died, I consulted some highly respected animal and human doctors and asked if it was standard procedure to give anyone – human, dog, cat, lizard – a round of vaccinations in conjunction with major surgery.  They all reacted with horror. The dog, they unanimously said, already had a natural immunity just from living on the streets. No inoculation was necessary – in fact, it undoubtedly reduced her ability to survive surgery.

All vaccines come with a label warning from the manufacturer: Do not vaccinate unhealthy specimens.  Every vet knows this, all of my sources claimed. Antibiotics to prevent infection?  Absolutely. Vaccines? Absolutely not.

“As a veterinarian with over 67 years’ experience in the laboratory of life, I feel vaccines, drugs and chemicals are the main causes of chronic diseases. My advice: educate yourself with research . . . Vaccines, drugs and chemicals do not awaken the doctor within us all but rather add more dis-ease to an energetic being in physical form trying to maintain optimum cell replication.”  Stephen Blake, DVM

“Vaccines have long been implicit contributors to the incurable autoimmune diseases we have so much of in pets today – which we didn’t seem to have in the early 1970s when I was still in vet school.”  Henry Kostecki, DVM

While interviewing a local MD I met at La Montañita Co-op (who prefers to remain anonymous), he thanked me for bringing this topic to you in the Gallup Journey, but decided to cut our interview short; his daughter was in labor and he wanted to make sure his grandchild wouldn’t receive any vaccines containing mercury.

And yet Nancy Mullan, MD, claims that, “even those vaccines without mercury contain aluminum as an adjuvant, over-stimulating the immune system and causing outbreaks of allergies, asthma and other autoimmune disorders. There are so many reasons just to say ‘NO.’”

So, Do I Recommend Getting a Flu Vaccination?

Last year, British journalist and TV host Piers Morgan received a flu shot on the Dr. Oz show. Days later, he moaned he was experiencing the worst flu of his life.  One of his guests said, “Well, duh, whaddaya expect when you get vaccinated?”  Piers miserably replied, “Never again.”

You asked my opinion?  You got it.  Your choice.



  • Sara Pikaart says:

    Dear Gallup Journey, I appreciate the way that you continuously lift up the health of the Gallup community and surrounding areas by promoting healthy diets and healthy activities. However, I found this article to be counterproductive to the health of our children and even our grandchildren. There are many unfounded and inaccurate points made in this opinion piece. A couple of examples: There is no link between vaccines and autism, diabetes, asthma, multiple sclerosis, or SIDS. In addition, there have been no cases of death or uterine failure as a result of the HPV vaccine (and yet, the reduction in cancers because of this vaccine has been incredible). We all know that one thing happening after another is not the definition of cause and effect. The pediatricians and nurses of Gallup have worked hard to educate families in our community on the evidence-based need for vaccines. This article undermines their efforts. When families opt out of vaccines, it endangers all of our children and even future generations. I love the Gallup Journey and read it every month. I simply ask that you carefully consider before publishing non-scientific articles such as this again. Thank you!

  • Mike Pikaart says:

    Sorry about your dog. But you do need to realize the rabies and other vacs she (by law) had to have – so that had she lived she would not have spread disease to people and other animals – did not kill her. Vaccines have a real risk (not for autism, though…there is no possible link there), but that risk is more than worth it compared to the risk of not vaccinating. Unfortunately, the value of now several generations of vaccines is decreasing by misinformation such as this article. Vaccinate your kids (and animals), or be responsible for deaths of others by terrible and avoidable infective disease.

    Mike Pikaart, PhD (Biological Chemistry)

  • Kristine Cruz, MD (Family Medicine Physician) says:

    I really appreciate the comments written by others.

    When I read this article, I was alarmed by the impact it would have on the community. I am disappointed in the Gallup Journey for not emphasizing that this article is simply an opinion or having a counterpoint article written side by side. At the end of the article, Bera states “You asked for my opinion?”, however this is followed by sources. It is misleading and implies that her opinions are facts. Since vaccines are a controversial subject, this article is in need of direct footnotes so one can decipher what is opinion and what is fact. The sources listed in the end are merely a bibliography. Upon review of the sources, it also a mixture of blogs and well respected sources. Unfortunately, this article does not provide any direct studies or evidence based medicine.

    Bera misconstrues facts and manipulates emotions to tie both together, causing a very powerful message: vaccines killed Wiley Girl. I find this article slanted and unprofessional. Did Bera perform an autopsy and conclude that it was the vaccines which caused the death of this animal? What about the spay/major surgery, the multiple litters, or simply that this dog was a street dog — bearing unknown diseases and health problems???

    There are some concepts that I would like to make clear.


    I am angered with the question, “Which is worse, condoms or menopause at age 16?”
    How successful is Bera having 16-year-olds use condoms consistently?
    How professional is it to call a vaccine a poison? Simply call it a vaccine. Or just state you think vaccines are poison.

    Antibiotics are a medicine, just like a vaccine.
    This is how the bubonic plague is treated.

    If it is not clear, this article angers me.
    Bera’s words are dangerous.
    My hope is that by writing this, people will read Bera’s article with a critical eye and skepticism.

    Please question Bera’s “Words of Wellness”.

    • Beth NYC says:

      I live in New York City, but word of Dr. Bera’s Gallup Journey articles have reached me through friends around the globe. 20 years ago, I adopted a wonderful street dog that arrived with plenty of baggage. The rescue agency that bailed her out of the city shelter took her to their conventional vet who gave her the usual range of vaccinations. Shortly afterwards she almost died and this conscientious vet told the rescue group that this dog was deathly allergic to vaccinations and that whoever adopted her must be told that she must never be vaccinated again and he gave her an exemption certificate. He added that he was becoming increasingly aware of the terrible side effects and the fact that most of these vaccinations were not only unnecessary, but deadly. At the time, he was unsure of his stand on once-per-lifetime vaccinations, but that if they were administered because of state laws, they should be spread out, one at a time, to give the body a chance to regain equanimity between assaults.

      This information was passed on to me when I adopted her and this was 20 years ago! I was unfamiliar with this surprising information and paid a visit to this vet to verify that he’d really said this. He was a well known and respected professional who was hesitant to make waves with his colleagues, but knew that he had to stand up for what he believed to be true. The vaccination site near this beautiful dog’s right shoulder remained lumpy and tender for the rest of her life.

      After meeting this vet, I started researching voraciously and my reading eventually led to Dr. Martin Goldstein’s book that has become my “bible”……”The Nature Of Animal Healing,” which includes a chapter called “The Dubious Legacy of Vaccines,” which includes discussion about human vaccination protocols as well. This was published in 1999 and the chapter begins, “The links are invisible and, so far, unproven. Even to suggest they exist is to be heaped with scorn from the U.S. medical establishment. Yet a growing number of holistic and now even conventional veterinarians are convinced, from sad experience, that vaccines as they’re administered in this country to pets are doing more harm than good.”

      Fifteen years later, the links are no longer invisible nor unproven and Dr. Goldstein is passionate about this subject, speaking about it worldwide. On my shelf next to Dr. Goldstein’s book are a dozen others by well respected doctors and veterinarians that contain similar information (and most of these are newer).

      Nine years ago, I adopted a dog from another rescue group that gave me the same warning about this dog: “He had an almost fatal reaction to vaccinations and must never again be vaccinated.” I got an exemption for him, as I had for my other dog 20 years ago. He cannot be boarded in a kennel, among several restrictions, but he’s strong and healthy now. The laws vary from state to state, but the awareness is fast growing and the mandatory vaccination laws are changing, titering is now more common and of course this awareness is more common for human children and adults now.

      A large pharmacy in the neighborhood was offering senior discounts for flu shots last year……a big sign in the window…..until two deaths, attributed to the shots, resulted, quietly verified by local doctors who were also hesitant to make waves. The sign came down.

  • Priya S. says:

    Bera, I really appreciate you writing this article. Many of us like to have the conversation about vaccines (neither opposing or agreeing with them), but just to have an informative conversation and usually it has to be done quietly and in fear that there will be backlash about wanting to know more.

    From reading your article as well as the subsequent comments and letters to the editor, I did not feel swayed in any one direction; however, the message I take from it, as with many things in my life, is I WANT to be completely educated before I make any decisions concerning my child/children. I have never been one to just do something because someone tells me to–I thoroughly research my information first before making a decision.

    Thanks to the links you all shared, I look forward to doing even more research and asking you as well as others in the medical profession the questions I have (and am sure others have too).

  • Name says:

    I must defend Bera Dordoni, N.D. from the sincere but misinformed letters of the two doctors who wrote in the June issue of the Gallup Journey attacking her Wellness article in the May issue. The only inaccuracy I found in Dr. Dordoni’s article was the statement that bubonic plague has been eradicated when it’s common knowledge that the plague is still alive and ill in New Mexico. All the rest of her data is accurate.
    Just yesterday (June 26) I saw an article about an NIH-funded vaccine research scientist, Dong-Pyou Han, who has been indicted and faces four felony counts for fake claims about his vaccines. He had spiked them with antibiotics so that they would appear to work. You can find the article at http://www.naturalnews.com/045726_research_fraud_AIDS_vaccine_science-based_medicine.html
And the source of the article is at http://abcnews.go.com/Technology/wireStory/r…
This is remarkable because there is usually legal immunity for research fraud.
    As Dr. Dardoni mentioned, the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act was set up to compensate parents for injured or dead children. Parents’ application to this fund serves to shield the pharmaceutical company from all initial liability. As of 2011, the fund has paid out more than $2.35 billion to parents with over 2,810 claims and 390 deaths in 2011. But according to David Kessler, head of the FDA for most of the 1990s, 90 to 99 percent of all adverse reactions are never reported. See http://trit.us/children/vaccinations.html
    According to Dr. Rebecca Carley (google “Inoculations – The True Weapons of Mass Destruction: Causing VIDS (Vaccine Induced Diseases): An Epidemic of Genocide”), because immunity can be artificially produced by injecting active or inactive antigens, “…what the promoters of vaccination failed to realize is that the respiratory tract of all mammals contain secretory IgA (an antibody which initiates the natural immune response) within the respiratory tract mucosa. Bypassing this mucosal aspect of the immune system by directly injecting organisms into the bloodstream leads to a corruption in the immune system itself. As a result, the pathogenic viruses or bacteria cannot be eliminated by the immune system and remain in the body, where they will further grow and/or mutate as the individual is exposed to ever more antigens and toxins in the environment which continue to assault the immune system. The two poles of the immune system (cellular and humoral) have a reciprocal relationship. Thus, when one is stimulated, the other is inhibited. Since vaccines activate the B cells to secrete antibodies, the T cells are subsequently suppressed. This suppression of the cell-mediated response is a key factor in the development of cancer and life-threatening infections. In fact, the “prevention” of a disease via vaccination is, in reality, an inability to expel organisms due to the suppression of the cell-mediated response. Thus, rather than preventing disease, they actually prevent the disease from ever being resolved. The organisms continue circulating through the body, mutating and transforming into other organisms, depending on the acidity and toxicity of the internal terrain of the body.” The author goes on to explain that what determines which autoimmune disease you develop is which tissues in your body are attacked by auto-antibodies.
    In the article, “Vaccinations: Parents’ Informed Choice” (http://westonaprice.org/childrren/vaccinations.html)
Lynne Born agrees that vaccination prevents natural immunity and points out that “Not only has there never been a single long-term study comparing the health and welfare of vaccinated to unvaccinated children; multiple examples can easily be found of vaccinated children acquiring the very illness they have been vaccinated against. Furthermore, there is overwhelming evidence that vaccines can be extremely harmful, permanently disabling and even deadly to our children.”
    You can find an article by A. True Ott, PhD, ND entitled “Vaccine-induced Disease Epidemic Outbreaks: The Engineering of ‘Pandemics’ ” on several different websites. In it, Dr. Ott reports that “The initial batches of Dr. Jonas Salk’s polio vaccine produced thousands of cases of poliomyelitis in vaccinated individuals. (One such case was Franklin D. Roosevelt who was stricken weeks after receiving a vaccine.) This was due to an unsafe amount of live viruses in the vaccine itself. Dr. Sabin then introduced his “improved” vaccine with “attenuated” or “weakened” live viruses in 1958, and the following year his vaccine was mandatory for all school-age children in a number of states. As a result, polio increased to a whopping 300% in these states. Thirty years later, the polio vaccine was found to be contaminated with a monkey virus, SV40, which has been isolated in bone, brain and lung cancers of disabled and deceased adults.
    Yes, the MMR vaccine does cause autism according to the The Autism Autoimmunity Project (TAAP) at http://www.taap.info/ in alliance with the vaccine-damaged soldiers and vets of the American Gulf War Veterans Association at http://www.agwva.org . And yes, Gardasil (HPV) and the new Cervarix Vaccine are deadly to young girls. More than 100 American girls have died from the Gardasil vaccine. See “Teenage Girl In Zombie-Like State After Vaccine.” Former Texas Governor Rick Perry issued an order requiring Gardasil in Texas sometime after receiving a campaign contribution from the vaccine’s manufacturer. This is part of the problem. Big Pharma funds their own studies of each of their drugs and puts their findings out in glossy brochures for doctors and hospitals.
    We are not likely to hear a word about any of this on mainstream media that are all corporate owned. NBC = GE; ABC = Disney; CBS = Viacom; CNN = Time Warner; FOX – NewsCorp. Only the consumer-funded radio and TV stations will even touch this subject, but if you do some due diligence in researching, you can patch together the horrifying truth that vaccines and environmental toxins are responsible for the epidemic of auto-immune disorders.
    As a child, I had chicken pox, measles, whooping cough and mumps before there were vaccines for these childhood illnesses. As I recall, I only had vaccines for diphtheria and smallpox at age seven or eight. Luckily, my children were all born at home and so escaped the whooping 37-50 vaccines they give to babies and small children nowadays and they weren’t vaccinated until they were at least six. This was before I knew how harmful these inoculations can be. If children receive all the recommended vaccines, they will get 2,370 times the “allowable safe limit” for mercury in the first two years of life, even though some mercury in some vaccines was removed.
A number of the vaccines don’t manifest that harm sometimes until decades later so doctors almost never attributed any specific illness to a vaccine. Vaccines are never suspected in learning disorders, ADHD, food allergies, and on and on.
    For an excellent overview of the history of vaccines and their catastrophic failings, go to http://www.ahealedplanet.net/medicine.htm#germ to The Medical Racket and click on “Pasteur’s Germ Theory, Vaccines, and Alternate Paradigms” at the bottom of the page. There’s a wealth of information here that is being covered up by ad hominem attacks, obfuscation and downright lies, but you can find the truth even on the medical sites and on the medical inserts for any given vaccine.
    I’ve only scratched the surface here. All of the publications I’ve referred to above contain other recommended reading – books, websites, articles.
    As James R. Shannon, former director of the National Institute of Health reported in December, 2003: “The only safe vaccine is one that is never used.”
    Please investigate this matter for yourselves.
    Pam Hanna

    HC 62, Box 8145
37 Bass Rd.
Thoreau, NM 87323

  • Lidio Rainaldi says:

    Dear Bera, thank you for this article.
    It is good that we live in the good ole’ USofA and can express our opinions. I acknowledge the Journey Magazine for the great variety of opinion and wonderful stories.
    I have always had an interest in vaccines as I am one person that has had serious illness following vaccines, twice hospitalized. This includes flu-shots – I haven’t had one in years. I am very grateful that I didn’t grow up in today’s world, as these mega vaccines have gotten much more complicated, now becoming a legal issue, and with my history I would have probably been a casualty!
    I don’t have children. My sister did and she had great concern of what was being injected into their bodies, and this was 20 years ago. It is not unusual for me to hear from my dental patients that they question vaccinating their children and want more information before they do so.
    The truth is that most vaccines are not tested for genotoxicity or carcinogenicity. Most have had no long-term studies carried out, or safety studies to evaluate the combinations of vaccines that are administered. The full list of ingredients is unknown to many in the medical community due to Big Pharma trade secrets. Without the complete list of ingredients or the known effects on long-term health; how are people able to make a free and informed choice?!

    An excellent example of this was the initial release of the HPV vaccine, which claimed to reduce cervical cancer, but was later found to increase cervical cancer by more than 40%! Following over 30 deaths and hundreds disabled, over 5 million dollars have been paid out so far in claims, and that is only 10% of the claims reviewed.
    Following its release, the Gardasil HPV vaccine (1 of 2 released) was extensively researched at the Univ of British Columbia. This study not only questioned any effectiveness whatsoever, it found it highly unsafe. One quote from their study: ” the notion that HPV vaccines have an impressive safety profile is only supported by highly flawed design of safety trials and is contrary to accumulating evidence from vaccine safety surveillance databases and case reports which continue to link HPV vaccination to serious adverse outcomes (including death and permanent disabilities).”

    Just go online and look at the safety studies of other vaccines and find similar data. Safety studies of many of these vaccines are showed to be flawed. Add this to an individuals’ different chemistry and immunity, plus other medications they are taken with all their side effects, and it is highly questionable how the AMA can make a “generalized statement of safety” for all individuals.

    The reality is that people don’t know, and people need to know. And the internet is there to research, and study more, and each can make their own decision.
    One consistent comment I’ve read in articles relating to the prevention of infection is:
    “Keeping your immune system strong is far more important than getting vaccinated”.
    It would be great for the AMA to re-shift their modus operandi to this!
    Bera, thanks for the heads up.

  • C.L. says:

    As a new mother, I did extensive, sleep depriving, mind boggling research regarding vaccinations. When I hear people accusing unvaccinated children (people) of spreading infectious diseases, it truly infuriates me. If you were so confident in those POISONOUS vaccine elixirs that you are pumping your child with, you wouldn’t be compelled to point your finger at someone for choosing a clean, pure, God given immune system. Vaccinations are a money maker for big Pharm. You think those big corporate, money grubbing, evil as all hell pharmaceutical companies give a damn about our children (public)? If they did, they would make sure to disclose all risks to the public openly, rather than try and hide them. They rely on fear to push these heavy metal, animal remnant, foreign object filled concoctions. These concoctions aren’t safe, 100% effective, nor building our immune systems. They kill your natural antibodies and ensure they have another paycheck in the near future. And no I’m not a conspiracy theorist, I’m just a person of free mind and awake.

    I applaud you Bera, you gave me a breath of fresh air in this vaccine-pushing society. A pediatrician at a hospital in Gallup recently told me, ” if you’re not willing to vaccinate , this is not the hospital for you.” Her response to my CONCERNS and inquiries was to dismiss me, and make me feel scared of utilizing my resources at the hospital. Well, after picking myself up and gaining more confidence in my decision of protecting my baby from being POISONED, I continued to educate myself on the dangers of immunizations. My baby is strong,healthy , smart,and his immune system is in tact. I am proud of my decision and I am relieved to read articles as this that have been published for public’s sake. It is the people that have unfortunately been told to be scared and to attack (I dislike that word but it must be used) unvaccinated people for spreading diseases. Get real.

  • C.L. says:

    To add to my comment, at that same hospital, after our baby was born we found an amazing pediatrician that has fully supported us in our decision to opt out of the full immunization schedule. Our baby was born with two pneumothoraces, therefore his immune system was somewhat compromised and needed to develop naturally. So yes, there are medical professionals that are practicing that are also awake to the horrible unnecessary risks that vaccinations have.

    • Lanny says:

      The “medical community” has piled a lot of frightening stuff into our lives, and seem to get away with putting scores of people into the danger zone. What was the name of that “miracle drug” that caused so much incredible misery for so many people years ago; was it “Thalidomide”? I’m not a medical person so I may have the spelling wrong here, but that disaster created unspeakable misery for countless human beings. Enough said?

  • Ms Bailey says:

    After one of my bichon frisés had a severe reaction to his vaccinations, and could have died, I decided to research this after hearing many other horror stories about dogs and vaccinations. This led me to doing titers for my dogs and luckily I have found wonderful Vets that support this method. Dr. Bera is right! Research the topic yourselves from unbiased sources! The bottom line is that in Wiley Girl’s case, she should have never been vaccinated on top of surgery! That’s just plain crazy! Any Vet keeping up with his field and up on the latest research should have known that. Wiley Girl didn’t have to die….


  • anonymous says:

    I would like to leave my name on this response, but since my opinion has little value to people who are used to following, or to the ones who are benefiting financially by pushing their drugs, there is not much point in making myself less popular with anyone.

    I feel there is a giant contradiction here that no one seems to recognize. We are constant fed propaganda that germs are everywhere, and they are constantly killing us. If not killing us, they are making so sick were wish we were dead.

    At the same time we are fed more propaganda that we MUST have our daily vaccine, or we’ll surely get sick and die. The contradiction is; exactly what is a vaccine, if not a degraded germ meant to cause their bodies to react these germs? The problem with this is that just how often do we comes in contact with swine, or avian flu virus….IF there were no vaccines to inflict itself on us.

    The fortunate thing here is that biology is my field. I believe in survival of the fittest. Vaccines are good in that they will either kill off the people who are following what is shoved down their throats, or jabbed into their arms. If not that, at the very least making them permanently sick so the drug companies can sell them more drugs for life. In either case the people who are wise enough to stay away from vaccines, and get their antibodies from actually touching other people, and not wearing latex gloves and face masks, will be the ones healthy, and happy.

    Bera, more articles need to be written encouraging people to think health-wise. We need more people willing to think for themselves. The world will be a better place.

  • Donna says:

    Many parents in California have chosen to opt out of vaccinations for their children and instead home school to avoid any complications. I keep reading that there is no link between vaccinations and autism but can anyone tell me what does cause this condition? I didn’t think so. I can remember when the federal government told us that there was no possibility of getting aids through our blood supply. How very wrong that was.

    I have chosen to avoid vets that push vaccinations for my pets. Can anyone explain to me why a cat that is NEVER outside needs to have a rabies vaccine? I had a cat once that was vaccinated right before I rescued him. He was nearly comatose that afternoon. Luckily he pulled through but he had a lump on the vaccination site for several weeks. This cannot be right.

    Governments should not mandate health decisions for us and it should be up to the individual to choose any type of health care for their loved ones or pets.

  • Anna Berlin says:

    I thought your article was very well written. The laws you mention speak to the power of the pharma lobbyers to protect industry profits by taking the lawsuit financial burden of their dangerous vac’s off of themselves and putting it directly on the shoulders of taxpayer money. Your readers are fortunate to have you writing about these intricate health subjects. Thanks for bringing this to the community’s attention.

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