DIYG – October 2013

(Do It Yourself Gallup)

By N. Haveman

Here’s the deal, SAUERKRAUT is very good for you.  Here’s why:

Sauerkraut Gallup Journey#1 – We are approaching flu season and 
sauerkraut boosts your immune system.
(I throw some on my plate at dinner.)

#2 – Full of probiotics (beneficial bacteria)
and has been cited as one of the most beneficial
 healing agents in recorded history.

#3 – I don’t want to sound cliché, 
but it’s actually really fun and easy to make.

Sauerkraut Gallup JourneyI took the following from a great article printed in the Journey in August 2012 by Dr. Bera Dordoni (see page 12 for more info on Bera!).  Here are the general directions for homemade sauerkraut.  

1 medium cabbage
1 quart purified water (enough to cover cut cabbage)
1-2 tbsp. sea salt 
1 quart jar with lid (not plastic)

Grind cabbage in food processor or cut into very small strips. Add sea salt to purified water to create brine. Cover cabbage with brine. Place a top on the jar and leave it out on your kitchen counter to ferment.  If the weather is warm, it will probably take only three days to fully ferment. In colder weather it might take a week or more.  Since I get bored with the flavor of cabbage alone, I often add caraway seeds, dill seeds and dill weed, fennel seeds (what I did, here) or juniper berries (a great kidney cleanser) to my sauerkraut.

Sauerkraut Gallup JourneyI should mention, you can taste/test the kraut as it’s fermenting . . . just snag a forkful and give it a taste.  When you deem it to your liking, throw it in a clean container (or leave it in the original) in the fridge – this will stop the fermentation process.

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