Crazy Ideas That Just Might Work: Indoor Soccer

By N. Haveman

CRAZY IDEAS THAT JUST MIGHT WORK.  This is the title of a series of stories/ideas on what could be done in Gallup.  We are trying to put forth some ideas we think would benefit our community.  The ideas we showcase will always be for the good of Gallup . . . at least what we think is good for Gallup.  Some of the ideas may be, as my grandpa used to say, “from way out in left field.”  And some ideas may be fairly easy to both conceptualize and complete.  We aren’t asking that all of these happen – just that we open a dialogue to continually move Gallup forward. 

The Harold Runnels facility is sitting empty.  I can’t say I disagree with closing the facility, especially if the Aquatic Center can accommodate a few changes for folks to be happy.  But I’m not interested in that argument right now.  There will never again be a pool at Harold Runnels – and that’s a fact.

Indoor Soccer Gallup JourneyBut we can’t let it sit empty, either.  I’m sure there are hundreds of great ideas in the minds of Gallupians, but I’m going to propose one of my own.


Listen, soccer is huge in our community.  We have a great youth program in Gallup that my son, Joel, started playing in this past fall.  We also have adult leagues in town that are very well represented.  Trust me, it’s no great stretch to see indoor soccer being a MASSIVE success in our community.

Indoor Soccer Gallup Journey

It could look something like this.

When I moved here in 2002, I was asked to coach a select soccer team that had games and tournaments all over the Four Corners and I could immediately see that the kids we were playing against were further along in their development than my players.  Now, that can partly be explained by choice – my players were multi-sport athletes; that’s to say that they didn’t just focus on soccer.  But it also goes to show that the kids from other communities probably had more on-the-ball time than ours – meaning games, practice, etc.   Gallup, New Mexico is a great place, but the weather isn’t always cooperative for soccer purposes . . . have you ever played soccer in the spring winds?  Ha ha, it’s basically impossible.  That said, I used to tell my players that playing in our wind built character; and it might – but it’s not particularly helpful for skills.

I could go on and on with more and more reasons about why indoor soccer is needed in our community and why it would be a great success, too.  I mean, I haven’t even talked about my son wanting to have his birthday party at the new facility!  But, at the end of the day, it’s just a good thing for our community to do.    I want my kids and the kids of our community to know that Gallup is constantly trying to make it a better place for them to grow up in . . . and to hopefully come back and raise their own kids in.

Again, I’m sure there are lots of other great ideas out there – this is just one for you to chew on.

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