By Michael Daly

A Friend with No Rough Edges

By Michael Daly

My confidante is a quiet, private lady
A true friend, not a maybe
Who exudes a timeless beauty all her own
We share everything – in person and on the phone

She’s as lovely as she is gracious
Just as her elegant softness is spacious
This Classy Lady wearing a sweater
Is a perfect friend in any weather

Her interests are as variegated as her hair
She speaks her mind softly but with flair
Quickly taking in ideas and views of women and men
Then move on as Khayyam’s pen

She consults, her specialty is her fabric
As natural to her as to others it’s magic
Drawing out their own fashion, wellness, image and beauty
To display God’s gifts as is everyone’s duty

With her I walk the beach
The seashore a perfect place for her to teach
Barbara brings the beauty of the world into focus
And creates a circle of harmony with us the locus

Very gently with soft support
She draws me up in this informal court
She’s a true friend with no rough edges
And talks me away from life’s dangerous ledges

She’s my advocate, cheerleader and fan club president
That she’s there for me is self evident
She mirrors to me and highlights my best parts
Reminding me that I’m a work of art

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