By Jay Mason

Winter’s Gift

By Jay Mason

Not too long ago the first winter wind cut like a knife,
It reminded me of this cold world filled with so much strife,
And now that winter has come to stay,
I wonder why I live in this desolate place;

I long for the warm breezes of Southern climes
That ease the heart and clear the mind.

Then I remember what this season gives,
It forces me inside to think about how I live,
To have the time to consider my plight
And mend the ills that plague me late at night;

And if I choose to go outside then I must plan and prepare to go
To see the beauty of the cold with its smooth blanket of snow.

So I don’t despair but build a fire to warm my heart
Then recall the good acts that I soon will start
When bitter winds are long gone
And ice and snow are finally done.

I use the fire to cleanse my soul
And thank my God for His gift of cold.

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