By Fallon Blackbull


Geronimo was called “Goyathlay”
Known as the “One Who Yawns” back in the day.
Chiricahua Apache of the Nednhi band
Geronimo fought with a rifle in hand.

“Warmed by the sun and rocked by the winds”
Geronimo fought against the white man’s sins.
Forced to live on the San Carlos arid land
Geronimo fled with a warrior band.

They ran to Mexico and hid in the hills
Safe for a decade, he committed many kills.
He killed for revenge and the murder of his wife
Geronimo’s life was hard and full of strife.

Geronimo was “born on the prairies where the wind blew free”
He was never a Chief but had many visions to see.
A medicine man and a spiritual seer
His Chiricahua Apaches always stayed near.

Geronimo fought until the Cavalry neared
He was captured by 500 scouts whom he never feared.
Sent to the reservation to live in peace and farm
Geronimo fled again because he was to be harmed.

His hide-out was safe for almost a year
But was breeched by Apache scouts, who crept near.
Forced to surrender to General George Crook
He escaped again without a second look.

Geronimo surrendered again to General Nelson Miles
Moved to Fort Sill, Oklahoma but did not live in style.
The government lied and shipped the Apaches away
To Florida, they went, where they were to stay.

Florida was home for only a year
Then, relocated to Mt. Vernon, Alabama, he did not fear.
Geronimo, a prisoner of war
Died in 1909 . . . an Apache to the core.

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