Apocalypse 101: A New National Geographic TV Show Featuring Gallup’s Michael Kozeliski

National Geographic Gallup JourneyApocalypse 101 is a National Geographic Channel program about four non-active duty Marines who believe that they have what it takes to survive almost any doomsday scenario – floods, viruses, bombs, you name it. Joel, Mark, Mike and Jimmy own Forge Survival Supply; their mission is to use what they have on hand to teach and test their clients’ survival skills.

While other network survival shows stage hypothetical situations, these four Marines have survived in these adverse conditions with the added variable of having enemies all around who want to kill ‘em. Who would you rather have teach survival skills, someone in a staged environment or those who have done it under the worst conditions possible? Watch Apocalypse 101 Tuesdays at 10pm ET on the National Geographic Channel.


Apocalypse 101 Gallup Journey

Michael Kozeliski

Michael Kozeliski
Michael is originally from New Mexico and graduated with a B.S. in civil engineering with minors in mathematics, economics, business management and environmental waste management. Following the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Michael decided to leave his presidentially-appointed position at the US Department of Interior in Washington, DC to enter Officer Candidate School in the United States Marine Corps.

In September of 2004, Michael deployed as a rifle platoon commander in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and served seven months in the Iraqi. In December 2005, Michael volunteered to deploy back to Iraq as a part of Military Transition Team (MiTT) as embedded military adviser. In 2006, Michael was one of 15 Marines living, sleeping, eating, and fighting alongside an infantry battalion of the Iraqi Army conducting over 200 combat foot patrols. Michael has been awarded the Purple Heart for wounds he sustained in an ambush that year.


Apocalypse 101 Gallup Journey

Jimmy Campbell and Michael Kozeliski on location in NYC.

The Apocalypse 101 Team
Meet the experts of Forge Survival Supply, Joel Stevens, Michael Kozeliski, Jimmy Campbell, and Mark Puhaly. Comprised of former marines, survivalist, and adventurists, these outdoorsmen share their skills and expertise with people who want to be prepared for the unexpected.

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