RCS Students Harvest Lettuce for School Lunches

By C. Van Drunen

RCS Garden Gallup JourneyCurrently the Rehoboth high school offers a horticulture class where a hands-on approach is used as students help grow lettuce, spinach, onions, carrots, and beets.  Even more, the rest of school gets to eat of their studies, as the fresh produce is harvested by high school and middle school students for lunch salads.

Two large greenhouses allow year-round growing of these crops and future plans include more greenhouses, some outside crops, and possibly even some livestock, such as sheep, goats, pigs, and chickens.  This addition would naturally add new classes to the agricultural curriculum.

High school horticulture teacher Andy Newell says, “It’s important for students to have a balance between indoor classroom work and outdoor hands-on experience. It’s great when students can experiment and test the theories we get in class.  In my opinion that’s where the learning really takes place.”

The greenhouses were constructed with the generous donations and time of Rehoboth volunteers and donors.  The school is currently seeking local donations of livestock and agricultural equipment as it expands.

Rehoboth will be hosting an open house on March 2 and April 13 from 10am to noon at their sports and fitness center.  The school will be giving tours to the public on these days, introducing staff, and offering financial aid information.

To find out more, contact Lorretta Smith at 505-726-9692.

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