Crazy Idea – Dog Park

By N. Haveman

Gallup Journey Dog ParkAs you probably remember from last month (or maybe not, depending on if you read February’s Crazy Idea), I love dogs.  We have two awesome dogs.  Last month, I recommended that the City of Gallup invest in doggie poop bag dispensers and to place one at every park in G-TOWN.  And trust me, this is a good idea.  There are lots of dogs in Gallup and folks love to walk them to their neighborhood park to let them play where, sometimes, poop happens.  Anyway, I’m getting away from myself.  I really want to talk about plans for a Gallup Dog Park.  A place where dogs are free to run and jump and splash and play and have an all-around good time.  Thankfully, we have so many great people in Gallup!  I say that because this project is actually going to happen.  There’s even a beautiful sketch of what it’s going to look like!  I mean, this is a really great thing for our community . . . I’m sure everyone is as psyched as me, but if not, I’m sure you’ll get there!  You’ll be hearing more about the proposed location and how you can help make this dog park a reality in future issues of the Journey (and hopefully other places, too!).

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