Doggie Poop Bag Dispensers

Crazy Ideas That Just Might Work

By N. Haveman

This is the title of a series of stories/ideas on what could be done in Gallup.  For the next few months (and maybe more, if we’re really creative) we are going to put forth some ideas we think would benefit our community.  The ideas we showcase will always be for the good of Gallup . . . at least what we think is good for Gallup.  Some of the ideas may be, as my grandpa says, “from way out in left field.”  And some ideas may be fairly easy to both conceptualize and complete.  We aren’t asking that all of these happen – just that we open a dialogue to continually move Gallup forward.

Crazy Ideas Gallup JourneyLet me start by saying that, yes, I know we need a dog park.  But I realized the other day that we also need all of our parks to be dog-friendly.  Sure, we can’t have packs of dogs running rampant at Ford Canyon, knocking kids over and digging through trash cans – but I do think everyone should feel welcome to bring their dogs to Ford Canyon, on a leash, to hang out with them.   But if we have our dogs with us at Ford Canyon more often, there is also going to be lots more dog poo gracing the green grass.  Here’s where the photo at left comes in.  These little stands are so handy.  I’ve felt the shame when my dog has pooped in full view of others and I haven’t had anything to pick it up with.  On the flip side, I’ve also been saved by being able to snag a bag from a Doggie Poop Bag Dispenser, too!

Crazy Ideas Gallup JourneyI also realize that putting these Doggie Poop Bag Dispensers at every park in Gallup isn’t going to solve the problem of dog poop being left for others to step in – but it’s going to help, of that I am certain.  In my optimistic opinion, I also think that having these bags and trash cans more accessible and in full view will help our parks to stay cleaner.  I think folks will start tossing their soda cans (please recycle, though!) and Hot Cheetos bags into the trash cans, too – I mean, I think we’ve all seen enough Hot Cheetos bags floating through our skies on windy days!  So please, head out and socialize with your dogs (ON A LEASH!) and make sure to (for the time being) bring a bag from home to pick up after them.  It’s really such a simple thing to do!

Let’s be honest, this isn’t really a CRAZY IDEA, but it’s one that can be accomplished quickly and with very little money.  Not only that, but it’s totally needed.  I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but we have TONS OF DOGS in our town . . . let’s all help by picking up their doggie doo where others can see and (gasp!) smell it!

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